The Creative Routine

The creative routine

That must a typo – routines are creativity killers, and creative people don’t follow routines. Right? Wrong!

In his book Essentialism, Greg McKeown points out how routines, by preventing us from spending our limited supply of discipline and energy on making the same decisions again and again, give us an “energy rebate”.

Creative people master routines, so they can focus their energy on creativity and innovation, instead of mundane tasks that could be routinized. McKeown also points out how this principle applies not just to creatives but to anybody, he uses Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps as an example, that needs to channel every bit of their energy to the thing they are uniquely qualified to do.

When we implement EOS, we obsess over clarifying, simplifying and systematizing, so business leaders can focus their energy on the critical tasks that require their Unique Ability®. As the saying goes “Systematize the predictable, so you can humanize the exceptional”. If you are spending your time making the same decisions or solving the same issues again and again, it might be time to clarify, simplify and systematize. Then you can claim your “energy rebate”!

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