Brett Stewart

In three words: Real. Simple. Results.

I know how you feel… let me help you get what you want.

Brett’s passion is helping entrepreneurs build the business and life they dream of.

After a successful corporate career in consulting and as CFO of a large insurance company, Brett decided to pursue his dream of becoming an entrepreneur.

Since then, he has started and helped run three different businesses.
The last of those was a struggling healthcare company Brett bought and took from a $400k loss to a profit of over $1 million in four years. Much to his surprise, though, things got harder after the turnaround. The business lacked focus, and instead being run by a functional, cohesive leadership team, every decision went through Brett.

That all changed when he read Traction and learned about EOS. After using EOS in his business, and seeing its power first-hand, Brett decided to team up with EOS and make the transition from being an entrepreneur to an entrepreneur that could help others facing the same issues.

Brett now spends all his time helping business leaders get more from their businesses, while at the same time implementing a well-balanced life. He has landed right in the middle of his dream, loving what he does and helping other entrepreneurs build the lives they want.

Brett lives in Atlanta, with his wife, Tricia, and daughters, Allie and Cassady.

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